Despite what the (somewhat) clever name implies.

This is not college.

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There are no grades or classes or mini fridges or pop-up hampers. There's just work. Real, exhausting, amazing, frustrating, and fulfilling work. The kind of work that will teach everything college couldn't. The kind of work that could lead to a job here, or anywhere you want.

If that's the kind of internship you're looking for, keep reading.


We are not a multicultural agency.

We're a creative agency for a multicultural world.

You might hear a few different languages being spoken around the coffee machine. And that coffee might actually be cafecito. And you might find yourself working on something that will live in countries you can't find on the map. 

But other than that, we're just a regular ol', massively awarded, Ad Age-honored, rapidly growing, creative agency.

Oh, and one of our founders got a dude elected President of Argentina. For real.

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Coffee runs. Photocopies. Cleaning out the fridge.

All things you won't have time for. Because for the 10 weeks you're here, you're here to work. Just like everyone else. And while it might not always be fun or glamorous, it'll be real. Real clients, real deadlines, real long nights, and real short weekends. It's not the fanciest way to learn how advertising works, but we think it's the best. And when all is said and done, we think you'll agree.

It takes a lot of different types of people to keep an agency agency-ing.

What type of person are you?


Figure out the simplest, clearest, easiest-to-understand way to say something and say it in the prettiest, funniest, most memorable way possible. Super easy.

Keep the client happy. Keep the creatives happy. Keep the project moving. Keep the checks coming in. Basically keep the agency running, all while fighting tooth and nail for the best possible idea to win out.

Ever wonder how stuff goes from inside someone's head to inside magazines, billboards, or websites? A studio designer sits down, drinks a gallon of coffee, and makes it.

The one sane person in a crazy world. Project managers keep all the agency's parts moving - no matter what - to make sure that if the client wants to see work on Tuesday, the client WILL SEE WORK ON TUESDAY.


Take the abstract concept floating around your head and bring it to life in a way that's beautiful, strategic, engaging, and most importantly, leaves plenty of room for a logo. Again, super easy, right?

Discover new cultural insights bubbling below the surface and use them to inspire clients and creatives to make brands more interesting. And use a lot of big words that may or may not be real.

Love spending all day on the phone, stretching a dollar until it's about to break, discovering the next great director or photographer, and making impossibly challenging creative ideas come to life, only to wake up and do it all again the next day? Sounds like you'd make a pretty decent producer.


Our offices are pretty cool too.








The Community House

Remember when you started school and you said to yourself, "One day I want to live in a giant waterfront house on Miami Beach that may or may not have been the setting of several 80's-era pornos?"

Well, you got your wish. Because while you're here, our House is your house.